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Hi! I'm Lisa Brys (sounds like prize 🙂) 
I've helped hundreds who were struggling with getting organized. 
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I use time-tested techniques and well-researched systems.
Enjoy the FREEDOM that comes with being organized.

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- Lisa Brys -
Founder of TimeWorks Professional Organizing
Creator of Precious Gems

Host of "The Lisa Brys Show" 

Still wondering
if a professional organizer
is the answer to your problems? 

I'm not just any organizer. I organize my clients
by their Precious Gems personality type. 

My clients get better and longer-lasting results
they love when organized by their personality type. 

In fact, did you know that you have an organizing style?

You do.

And surprise surprise...
it's based on your personality type.

Your organizing style is most definitely tied to your personality type.
That's why I type all my clients before I organize them.


What Is Your Precious Gems Personality?

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Discover your personality type
Implement your organizing style
Find your precious gem

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I love what I do.
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